Wednesday, February 23, 2011

..:: wHy Do i LoVe YoU ::..

WhY TrY To ExPLaIn
WhAt Is InExPLicAbLe?
HoW To TaLk AbOuT An AdORabLe, MyStErIoUs LoVe?
I LoVe YoU BeCaUSe I NeEd YoU,
A LoVe WiThOuT BoUnDaRiEs,
AnD I HoPe ThAt,
YoU NeEd Me ToO.....
I LoVe YoU BeCaUsE I LoVe YoU,
ThAt's it...........It Is So SiMpLe.......!!

If I LoVe YoU SiMpLy
BeCaUsE I LoVE To Do,
And If I LoVe To LoVe YoU, 
If I WaNt YoU VeRy MuCh,
WhAt WouLd I WiSh FRoM HeAVeN?
To LaSt All ETerNiTy!

I LoVe You BeCaUSe I LoVe You
A LoVe WiThOut BoUnDaRiEs,
I LoVe YoU BaCauSe I LoVe YoU,
ThAt's It.......
it Is So SiMpLe!!

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